Structured solutions offer better results than reactive actions. The Founding Language Assessment offers you the insights needed to further strengthen your international communication.


Translating and localizing your professional documentation ensures your message resonates better with your international target audience. A strategic approach offers greater returns, but does require validated insights. Which document contributes to which goal in which way? What is already available and what is required? The Founding Language Assessment offers you a clear baseline measurement of all relevant parameters for your company-wide international communication.

Our assessment collects input from various departments in your organization. Each department communicates about its own subject matter and its own reasons and objectives with an abundance of individual parties and persons. In a personal meeting, with a questionnaire that is fine-tuned for each relevant department and their associated documents, your people provide the input that generates company-wide insights and creates broad internal support in the process.

The result? You receive a complete analysis and a concrete plan that offers grip on your international communication and helps you to further improve in this respect, both on a short and long term. The assessment is often the next step after having completed a free pilot.


Experiencing is believing, right? That’s why we invite you to experience our value for yourself; free of charge, no strings attached. In three simple steps, our pilot offers you a great impression of how we can boost your international communication. Impressed? Then we’re happy to talk business. Ready? Here we go: