Foreign languages and cultures can be obstacles in the otherwise fascinating international trade. Founding Language localizes your commercial texts to boost your international sales results.


Trading at a distance is complex, as report-building visits are less frequent. Your foreign trade partners therefore derive a significant part of their perception of what you have to offer from what they read. You carefully crafted this info to resonate with your domestic target audience, but must now address your international relations in foreign languages and cultures.

At Founding Language, we translate and localize these tools for you, to ensure an ideal impact on your foreign relations. By offering them the information that addresses their needs in their own language, while taking local customs, thinking patterns and formalities into account, your chances of success grow exponentially.

We know this from our customers’ experiences, and our own. Servicing customers on three continents and deploying our local industry experts, writers and translators in over 40 countries for them, we know what international trade is, and are eager to contribute to yours as well.

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