Guests who feel welcome, spend more, leave better reviews and return more often. Founding Language helps you to receive your international guests even better.


An ideal experience for guests who feel welcome, that’s what hospitality revolves around. Guests visiting your establishment from other countries can often use some help to feel at home. By offering them your written information in their own language, you give them the grip that is so nice to have. At Founding Language, we translate and localize this content for you.

International hospitality organizations regularly rely on us. For them, we translate and localize menus, hotel information, websites, visitor guides and other information in the languages of their guests. This contributes to the comfort of their guests and with that, to their (holiday) spending and reviews of your establishment.

To achieve these results, we have linguistic and industry experts available in over 40 countries. They know exactly how to optimally express the slightest details, to ideally resonate with your guests. By experience, you are well-aware that investing in hospitality always leads to returns. The experts at Founding Language take care of all your multilingual aspects.

If your organization has up to 75 staff members, then why not try Translate SME? Larger organizations often get to know uw with a free pilot.


Experiencing is believing, right? That’s why we invite you to experience our value for yourself; free of charge, no strings attached. In three simple steps, our pilot offers you a great impression of how we can boost your international communication. Impressed? Then we’re happy to talk business. Ready? Here we go: