IT systems are written in various languages and only work if they are properly interconnected. The same applies to people who speak different languages. Founding Language interconnects them.


Does your work revolve around the complexities of IT? Then you might require documents or content in foreign languages for many reasons. Whether it’s a manual for a European customers, processes for users in Germany or content in Mandarin or Brazilian Portuguese, Founding Language gets it on your desk in no-time.

Your objective in this respect is clear: the content you wish to share contains important information which must be understood well. To get your message across, you need a spot-on translation that reads easily and anticipates cultural differences to prevent erroneous interpretations. Founding Language has the IT experts, translators and copywriters in over 40 countries available to arrange this for you.

Do you need documentation or content in other languages immediately or whenever the need arises? Or is the translation of content an integral part of your operations? Contact us today for a free price quote or a free pilot to learn about our IT expertise in any language or country you work in.


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