The only way to make laws and regulations even more complex, is using them in an international framework. Founding Language helps you to safeguard your interests across the globe.


Legal documents such as conditions, contracts and documents used in legal proceedings, represent critical interests for your organization. After all, the consequences of getting it wrong are often enormous. Every character and interpretation must therefore be absolutely accurate, also when written in another language. Founding Language ensures that your legal information stays entirely correct, no matter where you need it.

Our global team of translators, copywriters and legal experts in over 40 countries, are available at your service to translate and localize your legal documents in any possible language. Our knowledge of local trade cultures, pitfalls and opportunities, contributes to limiting the chances of legal escalation or representing your legal position optimally.

These services support you to have laws and regulations work in your benefit, while you remain focused on the international success of your organization. The easiest way to experience our legal expertise? Request your free pilot today!


Experiencing is believing, right? That’s why we invite you to experience our value for yourself; free of charge, no strings attached. In three simple steps, our pilot offers you a great impression of how we can boost your international communication. Impressed? Then we’re happy to talk business. Ready? Here we go: