Processes structure the way your company works. This grip is even more critical in an international context. Founding Language helps you to publish them in every language.

Process Management

Processes are the backbone of your organization. Without them, nobody is able to work and improve structurally. Does your enterprise operate internationally? Then projects, contracts or daily operations may require you to publish your processes in other languages. Founding Language does this for you, with the high precision you require.

The people with whom your company cooperates in other countries, must be able to clearly read and comply with your processes, while there is no margin for error or ambiguity. Our translators, copywriters and industry experts in over 40 countries, offer the linguistic and subject expertise to achieve that, both for bulk and revision projects.

Depending on your needs, we translate and localize individual process documents, or even manage your entire international process manual. With this, we proactively support you in maintaining the uniform quality your organization represents, and contribute to your international growth and success.

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