Buying, selling, investing or maintaining properties in the Dutch marketplace? With a reliable, local partner that provides for all multilingual documents, doing business becomes much easier.

Real estate

Whatever it is you do with Dutch real estate, it always goes hand in hand with plenty of documents in various areas of expertise. At Founding Language, we provide you with high quality support for all your multilingual needs. Need a contract in Mandarin? We’ve got it. A proposal translated and localized from Dutch into English or the other way around? No problem.

In one of the most advanced economies in the world, Dutch real estate is highly sought-after. However, our language is complex and so is our legal and fiscal system. As your partner for all your multilingual needs, we have the experience and know-how to optimize, translate and localize all relevant documents in any language. But there’s more.

While our linguistic expertise is of high quality, we go above and beyond with our intrinsic knowledge of the Netherlands. We offer you advice, proactive support and expertise in real estate, which helps you save significantly on fees of attorneys and notaries. With Founding Language as your local partner, your multilingual documents become an asset rather than a liability.

The documents we work on? They are commercial, technical, legal, notarial and more, and relate to buying, selling, operating, managing and maintaining properties. We safeguard your uniformity and ensure that the specific context and objective of each document represents your interests to a maximum degree.

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