Comprehensible professional content is required internationally as well. The industry experts at Founding Language ensure that your specific information is also clearly understood in other countries.


Industry experts

Your organization strives to obtain maximum results in the foreign market(s) in which you operate. Local communication and branding are critical to achieve that. Our translation and localization services guarantee an ideal impact on your foreign target audience: in any language, industry and tailored for each area of expertise within your company.

Being able to rewrite your content and documents in the right language, tone of voice and terminology, requires specific knowledge about your company, industry, objectives and interests.  For each project, your personal consultant at Founding Language carefully selects the right industry experts from our global team. With their knowledge of your industry and area of expertise, they ensure that your message is powerfully conveyed in any possible language and (trade) culture.

Having your content and documentation translated and localized by us helps you to succeed anywhere in the world. Want to find out how our global network can contribute to your international success? Request your free pilot project today to experience our value for your organization.


Experiencing is believing, right? That’s why we invite you to experience our value for yourself; free of charge, no strings attached. In three simple steps, our pilot offers you a great impression of how we can boost your international communication. Impressed? Then we’re happy to talk business. Ready? Here we go: