As one of the leading global economic areas, the Middle East offers your company countless opportunities. To achieve more in less time, Founding Language helps you to communicate in local languages.

Middle East

Organizations focusing on the Middle East often find themselves in twilight. Many people speak English, the economies are well-developed, but the cultural contrasts are enormous. Addressing your local contacts in their own language (variety) is a proven method to achieve more. Founding Language provides you with the powerfully translated and localized corporate communication that helps you to persuade here as well as you do in your domestic market.

Project plans, manuals and contracts, doing business involves quite a lot of paperwork. By applying the ideal intonation and knowledge to address local contacts in their own language and within the framework of their own trade culture, you achieve more in less time. This is exactly what the linguistic and industry experts at Founding Language have to offer. With a proven methodology, we make working in the Middle East easier, for every field of expertise and department in your company.


Every department and professional in your organization has its own reasons and objectives to communicate internationally. At Founding Language, we apply our in-depth knowledge of each expertise, to provide the tailored services and support that help you to attain your specific goals.