The human touch is key in any collaboration. Your personal consultant at Founding Language ensures we get the job done when and how you want it, while offering advice along the way.

Personal consultant

Founding Language complements your internal know-how with our expertise in translation and localization services. Working with external partners means working together on a personal level. You are serviced by a personal consultant who is highly available, communicates clearly and offers advice to jointly achieve a lasting impression on your foreign target audience.

This proactive partner has personal experience in the international playing field and knowledge about your company and interests, to select the right industry experts in over 40 countries for each project. Your personal consultant knows all ins and outs of your organization, is available at your service and answers to you. This leads to a pleasurable collaboration with excellent results, while you are unburdened and your work becomes more efficient.

Our streamlined service model contributes to your international success, tailored to each area of expertise within your company. Want to experience how this works? Find out for yourself, with a free and non-committal pilot project.


Experiencing is believing, right? That’s why we invite you to experience our value for yourself; free of charge, no strings attached. In three simple steps, our pilot offers you a great impression of how we can boost your international communication. Impressed? Then we’re happy to talk business. Ready? Here we go: