American or Canadian businesses that operate internationally, add virtually endless sales opportunities to their pipeline. This gets easier if you work with a partner who speaks the local language.

U.S. & Canada

Businesses located in the U.S. and Canada that operate internationally, rely on Founding Language for their translation and localization needs. Located in the Netherlands, an economic powerhouse and highly internationally oriented European country, we enable your full access to the European market as well as global coverage in every other part of the world.

With both linguistic and industry experts, we localize your content and documents into the target language(s) with the correct terminology and ideal tone of voice, while taking local customs into account. This helps you to achieve your international goals, based on our unique and proven method and a tailored approach for every field of expertise within your organization.


Every department and professional in your organization has its own reasons and objectives to communicate internationally. At Founding Language, we apply our in-depth knowledge of each expertise, to provide the tailored services and support that help you to attain your specific goals.